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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon
Road needs attention

by Wendi Reardon

June 26, 2013

Summer has arrived, bringing hot weather and later sunsets.

It also means more people are taking advantage of the sunshine while they can especially by walking and bicycling.

You know what it means - time for a reminder about driving. I know, I know there are places to go and you need to get there but please pay attention to the pedestrains crossing the street and cycling on the roads - especially the back roads.

Plus, more people are strolling through downtown Clarkston for Concerts in the Park, the restaurants and businesses - let's not scare them away from the charming downtown by wanting to run them over as soon as the traffic light turns green.

I will say one more time - please, pay attention to the pedestrians. Not your cell phone.

I point my finger at the cell phone because it has become a distraction for many. There are too many things going on with it - texts, internet, games, phone calls, and all the other fun applications we all have. But let's take a moment to put the phone away while driving. If it is really important to send a text message, please pull over.

In addition there is the road construction on Dixie Highway, please slow down and watch your speed. People are working on the road.

I know some of you don't need a reminder and I appreciate you being a attentive and respectful driver. My reason I have seen too many near accidents in the last few weeks even though the road conditions are clear. It's the little things that turn into big costs.

We will all get there. What is the rush? Let's enjoy this weather while it lasts. Before you know it will be winter.

Since it is summer it means we are less than two months away from the fifth annual Football for a Cure - where the Wolves on the varsity football team don pink and baby blue jerseys for their pre-scrimmage to raise for McLaren Breast Center off Sashabaw Road.

Get your T-shirts early during the Concerts in the Park and contact with questions or to volunteer.

As for the Wolves - their home opener is Aug. 31 at Ford Field. Yes, we are counting down as we do every year.