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Family business lights up town

by Wendi Reardon

June 26, 2013

Joe Freed has brought his passion for lights to the Clarkston area with Midwest Lightscapes.

Freed used to work in sales in lights and learned a log about electrical lighting and how to install them.

"I thought it was fun," he smiled. "It is like painting with lights. You are able to light a home in ways people never saw it as. It is something when talking to a customer they are excited about it and I am excited, too."

Freed added every home is different which makes it fun to design the perfect lighting for each home.

Besides his passion for what he does another thing setting Midwest Lightscapes apart is they have fixers exclusively available to them.

"We are the only company who can see those fixers in Michigan and Indiana," Freed said.

He added he also continues his education in lighting with additional training. Plus, their warranties including job warranties are the longest.

Freed began two years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana when he bought assets of the company to build the company and pay off his medical bills. He had Hodgkins Lyphoma Cancer and the cost from chemotherapy treatments and surgeries added up quickly.

His plan was always to start a branch in Michigan and he brought the company to Clarkston when he moved to the area in December to join his family, who moved here eight years ago.

"It's going great," Freed smiled. "I took my dad on as a partner and I have been doing this for a long time. It is definitely something I love to do."

He added his dad, Bud, has the same passion for it as he does.

"We both work with wood and do home repairs and renovations as a hobby," Joe said. "We like to see a home made better. It is something we really enjoy doing together.

"It's a great time to work with my father," he continued. "When you work with your dad there is already a bond there and you get to work with him. It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life working with my dad. The fact he has come on as a partner with me to help has been phenomenal and great."

Joe said it has been great being in the Clarkston community. He has enjoyed meeting all the people including all landscapers he has met.

"I like Clarkston," he smiled. "I really like the downtown area and have found a lot of cool places. My parents have fallen in love with it and they have lived here for eight years. They are excited and my dad is really excited about becoming more involved in the community. He is a pastor in town but he is excited to get involved in other areas of town and to be a business owner as well."

For more information, please call 248-795-0027, visit or email

"I get excited because any landscaper can turn on a lightbulb," Joe said. "It's harder to get the desired look and know the difference between LED and halogen."