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News in Brief

July 03, 2013

FOIA fees postponed

Clarkston City Council postponed adopting new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) fees which would have included amending the FOIA form to include a 50 percent deposit to be paid in advance for all FOIA requests.

The council postponed adopting the resolution until council can further determine how to charge for staff labor and what the actual cost of making copies is. The issue was tabled until the next meeting on July 8.

Possible land transfer

between townships

Independence and Springfield townships are discussing the transfer of a 25.77 acre piece of land located at the Dixie-1-75 intersection located between the two townships.

Discussions include whether the area can be combined into a single piece of property in Independence Township. Presently, the only way to access the Springfield Township portion of the property is by entering through an entrance located in Independence Township.

According to Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle, "Because there are two owners developers have been reluctant to offer any type of a development proposal due to previous difficulties associated with determining the proper zoning requirements. Although no conclusions have been made at this point, the Townships and their respective legal counsel are discussing the possibility of initiating what is known as a Conditional Land Use." Legal matters still have to be addressed before the transfer can occur.

Council OKs Taste tent

Clarkston Area Lions Club requested approval from the Clarkston City Council to erect a beer tent during the Taste of Clarkston. The Taste of Clarkston will be held in September, and the tent will be located in the Washington Street parking area.

The beer tent revenue will be used as a fundraiser to provide eyeglasses, hearing aids and pre-school eye screenings to kids in Independence, Clarkston, Springfield and some Holly residents. Funds raised will also help support a variety of other charities supported by the Clarkston Lions. The council granted approval pending the Lions obtaining proper permits, insurance and other legal requirements.