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Andrea's Anecdotes A column by Andrea Beaudoin
Avoid toxic people

July 10, 2013

Finding a higher purpose is part of life's journey. At times this journey is a rough dark ride-full of trials and tribulations. Be careful of the company you keep, and surround yourself with good spirits.

Life is hard enough without allowing saboteurs in. Beware of toxic personality types, for they can poison your spirit and halt positive progress.

Emotional manipulators are quite possibly the worst type of spirit. These wolves in sheep's clothing will try to wreck you. Disguised as "willing helpers" these spiritually wise imposters always know the right path. They seek to control and destroy, and always perceive themselves as victims. They fight dirty, overreact and feast on spreading hurt. They force themselves into lives-often uninvited. Steer clear of these negative spirits.

Anger and Negativity; Everyone wrongs this person, life and people are always unfair and they see no good in anyone or anything. These types will drain your energy and leave you weary. They break spirits- when handled incorrectly. Worse yet, the negativity may rub off on you, and change your prospective and lead you to the dark side. These people often feel unloved-acknowledge their feelings-and offer them love. When possible try to get them to see the bright side of things.

Bullies; Aggressive, abrasive and argumentative-these people feed on trying to overpower others. They throw tantrums, are condescending, rude and exude an air of superiority. Psychologists say bullies are insecure and often suffer from emotional troubles. Maintain your composure, but stick up for yourself. There are a variety of negative personality traits from those that are judgmental to people who are insincere or just want to crush your dreams.

It's important to set personal boundaries for what you will and will not accept, stand up for yourself and realize you are worth being treated well. If this means you must distance yourself from the person than sometimes that is the best thing you can do. If you can't expel the toxic soul from your life-love them through it, and both of you may grow and learn.

No one is perfect, and each of us can be exhibit toxic behavior at times. Life is about making mistakes, admitting them, finding ways to fix them and becoming a better person. Hopefully through reflection, soul searching and hard work we can all realize the err of our ways and live a better existence.