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Letter to Editor: Opposed to ‘ORV mud-bogger park’

July 24, 2013

My concern over the proposal for a county ORV recreational park on the Koenig property focuses primarily on property value and public safety.

I am very supportive of our county parks, with their trails, lakes and families activities.

However, the notion of an ORV mud-bogger park for this property is not a responsible direction for Oxford Township.

The property values in the Oxford area have suffered dramatically over the past years and the addition of this type of ORV Park would not have a positive impact.

A noise level study is paramount, prior to any further consideration. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is foolhardy to believe that local businesses will see an increase in revenue.

The responsibility for the additional police and fire personnel required for public safety would be on the backs of Oxford Township residents.

The potential for serious injuries, requiring emergency responders, must be assessed. In addition, the legal responsibilities need to be determined.

Finally, the articles focusing on the park make secondary mention of wild-life viewing, horseback riding, fishing, scuba-diving, nature trails and archery deer hunting – all of which are incompatible with ORV activities.

It appears that those who are behind this ORV park project, mention secondary activities to appease everyone in order to gain approval for what will be an ORV mud bogger park.

Susan K. Johnson