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Clarkston graduate travels the world

by Andrea Beaudoin

August 28, 2013

At just 23, Jordan Roth, a 2009 Clarkston High School graduate, has traveled the world.

Next up is Poland-again.

During his year and a half stay in the foreign land, Jordan will work for Delphi Automotive, an international supplier of automotive electronics and technology with locations in 32 counties around the world.

A 2012 Michigan State University (MSU) graduate, so far while working for the company he has traveled to Romania, Hungary, Scotland, India, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Since graduating from MSU with an accounting degree, Jordan has been on the fast track to success with Delphi.

In November he found out he would be traveling to Poland for the long assignment. On August 29, Jordan boarded an international flight that carried him over 4500 miles to his new destination in Krakow, Poland one of the country's largest and oldest cities.

To prepare for his trip, Jordan obtained various documentation through both Polish and United States consulates and customs agencies.

His latest journey will take him to different sites throughout Europe where he will perform audits to ensure various locations are adhering to Delphi and U.S government standards and rules.

While working in Michigan, Jordan performed similar work for a Troy location of Delphi.

While in Poland, he will stay in Krakow on weekends, but will travel to various sites throughout Europe and stay in hotels throughout the week.

Although the adventure is an exciting one, Jordan will have to adjust to a different culture as well as a time zone that is six hours ahead of Michigan.

Jordan said leaving family and friends will be the hardest part of the journey emotionally, but he will be home at Christmas.

This is the longest he will be away from home, and his parents Peg and Bob Roth are sad their only son will be gone so long, but happy too because he has earned such a successful career.

"He's a really smart and good kid," said a teary Peg. "He's such a wonderful person and we will miss him so much, but we are so happy for him to have this opportunity."

As Jordan packed up and headed off, Peg said her family is very close, and having Jordan away from home is difficult to face.

Jordan said he too will miss his family and his friends while he's away. "The biggest adjustment will be not being around my family and friends," he said sadly.

Jordan's dad Bob, who has been successful running his Clarkston company Washington Management, said he always told his son that numbers rule the world. "He was around numbers his whole life, and I'd tell him, if you know how number work and how businesses make money you will be successful."

Now, he gets to travel the world for his job. "I'm jealous actually," laughed Bob.

Bob too may have a chance to see Poland because his wife Peg said several members of the family may head to Poland for a visit.

However, the time Jordon is gone will be packed full of new experiences, people and culture.

"Some of the places I'm going are not places you would normally go on vacation, so I'm forced to go visit them," he smiled. "I am looking forward to seeing other countries and cultures."

Also on the agenda, is learning a new language. First up he will learn Polish.

Although English is his native tongue, he said he will learn the language to better communicate with the people in Europe who may not all have exquisite English speaking skills.

That may be the biggest challenge-being immersed in a different culture and working through language barriers. "In some of the eastern European countries their English is not as strong as some other parts of Europe," he said.

After Polish, he plans to learn the Chinese language, to utilize for future business trips.