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Letter to Editor: Please consider other properties, too

September 04, 2013

Once again, I am saddened by the results from the Beautification Commission Awards.

I was a nominating member for many years, visiting every street in the Village 2-3 times, looking for and noticing hard work and pride of ownership.

Nominating not only the 'splashy,' colorful displays, but also those that quietly, year after year, kept their homes neat, their yards nicely presented.

I also liked to watch those 'in progress' and nominate them when complete. Year after year, most of these were passed-over, and many previous winners announced again. Thinking that perhaps 'new blood' would bring new results, I stepped-down.

If the Commissioners are truly 'encouragers', as they say, more notice should be given those who have never been noticed, never won. Those who seemingly don't meet the 'criteria' of winners.

A good example is the Thompson house at 58 Dennison St.. This lovely 'wedding cake' house is always beautifully kept, beautifully landscaped. When I asked why they were never chosen, I was told 'a lack of trim color to break-up that white, etc'. Another home, located at 7 Lincoln Street. A small house and yard, always neat and inviting...never a winner.

I would hope that in the future the Commission would truly be 'encouragers', at least notifying nominees (I was told this was routine, but I don't think it has been done consistently). Or how about publishing a list of al nominees here in the Leader so all can be recognized and encouraged?

Please know, I am not saying this year's winners are not deserving because they truly are.

But there so many others that need 'encouraging,' too.

Constance Miller