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Letter to the Editor: Ready to fight ‘low-lifes’ vandalizing parks

September 25, 2013

Regarding: C.J. Carnacchio's "Another V-word this week" column in the Sept. 18 issue:

Let's try another "V" word – volunteer.

I would absolutely head a committee to gather as many able-bodied adults to sit in the parks during the dark hours in which these low-lifes generally (do their vandalism) for a few weeks, hidden in the shadows somehow, to catch these maggots in the act and perform "Citizen's Arrests." Kinda like a "Neighborhood Watch," but a tad more rustic.

The only thing these idiot pinheads relate to is blunt force, so let's give it to them! This village resident is reporting for duty – somebody just give me the green light.

Kevin Kadrich