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Addison gets $25K from Enbridge

by Trevor Keiser

October 02, 2013

A new restroom area will be replacing the portable facilities in Addison Township's Watershed Preserve Park thanks to a $25,000 grant from Enbridge, Inc., a Canadian energy distribution company.

"We're excited about it because it's just another edition to our parks," said Addison Supervisor Bruce Pearson. "Families can come out there and now they'll actually have a restroom . If you're camping out there, it's kind of nice to have a regular restroom, so you can actually get out of the weather for a minute."

The new restrooms will be "low impact waterless rest area facilities."

"We've met the county out there to see if it would perk and it wouldn't perk," Pearson said. "This is going to be a system that is a contained system that is pumped out every few months, so it's not going to be one that has a septic tank."

"We're hoping to have a design that will enhance the park and make it look nice," he continued. "We'll run electricity to it and hopefully run a little bit of heat to it in the winter just so it's warm enough in there (so) you can maybe change clothes or something."

Pearson noted the grant would not have been possible without Addison Clerk Pauline Bennett.

"You got to give her credit," he said. "Pauline did a tremendous job on it and put together a whole professional package (for the application)."

According to the grant application, the new "low impact rest area facility" will also include new trails that will connect the welcome center to the restrooms, which will branch out and connect to the main trail.

The project will include landscaping consisting of at least 15 native evergreen trees ranging from 4-5 feet tall at the welcome center.

"Every time we can add something, it's for the future generations to use," Pearson said. "We're happy we can keep doing our part."