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Lean with it while cycling at new business

by Meg Peters

October 02, 2013

LeanRyde is not your typical cycling studio.

Instead of the completely stationary bikes cyclists find in gyms or other studios, LeanRyde's bikes literally lean, from side to side, for half hour to 45 minute classes.

"They lean from left to right, and by doing that you can get an entire body workout," Dawn Bajis said, owner of LeanRyde. "You're sitting on top of an 80 pound fly wheel, and in order to get that to lean you have to isolate your upper body, your core and shoulders," she said.

The new Lake Orion business opened September 16.

Bajis is from Los Angeles, and first used the RealRyders bikes in a class out there.

"I got on this bike and it was moving left to right, and I was like oh my gosh , I cannot believe how amazing this is compared to what I'm doing," she said. "It was a brand new product and I knew I needed to bring it to Michigan, so about eight months later I brought it to Rochester."

She was located within another gym in Rochester, but decided to make LeanRyde its own, stand alone business where she lives in Lake Orion.

Bajis had eyed the warehouse located at 169 West Clarkston Rd. ever since Oakland County Crossfit moved into the building.

Crossfit was across the street from the Palazzo di Bocce on Lapeer for four years, and just moved to the warehouse location in April.

"We have a synergistic relationship in that we are both fitness enthusiasts, so we can kind of pull off of each other for both of our businesses, and help give both of our members a variety in their exercise, but the memberships are separate," said Andrea Martinec, the co-owner of Crossfit.

Crossfit is a set of exercises doing functional movements at a high intensity, while taking into consideration the time.

Andrew Magnus, owner of the print production company Greenlight Graphics in the warehouse—and also the warehouse itself—said the business opportunities within are expanding.

"We've had the building for four years and this is our second round of tenants," he said. "The first was a restoration company and now that they're moving out, they're being replaced with younger, more energetic companies, like Crossfit, LeanRyde, and the webdesign company Paw Pods, is getting a lot of press."

All Pro Restoration was renting out the entire warehouse, but shrunk when they decided a smaller, more efficient company would be more profitable.

They are moving to a second commercial property Magnus just purchased in Brandon. Now, other tenants want to be in this building, so Magnus is providing room.

Crossfit moved in, LeanRyde moved in, and Paw Pods is doubling their distribution with twice the space.

Greenlight Graphics is also expanding, taking on the online marketing and distribution responsibilities for a 50/50 deal struck up with a creative company from Detroit.

"Justin Rhodes is the artist, and we are going to start producing high end wedding shower invitations, wedding invites, baby shower, children's birthday parties, children's wall art, nursery decoration, on down the line," Magnus said. "The next project we're coming out with is mason jar wedding theme stuff, so we're going to keep cranking it out because we have huge printing production capabilities and he's ultra creative."

Many of the projects will be like the crafts seen on Pinterest and Etsy.

If you are interested in any of the businesses mentioned, visit their,, or for Green Light Graphics visit