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Can Halloween ever arrive too early? Not downtown

October 02, 2013

By Ana Cordera

Review Special Writer

With fall starting and Halloween around the corner, local businesses have begun bringing out the season's products.

From Ed's Broadway Gift and Costume store and Vignettes to The Angel, Witch, and Old Crow, stores in the downtown area have started displaying everything Halloween themed.

Nancy Smith, owner of The Angel, Witch, and Old Crow, called Halloween one of the biggest holidays for the store.

"We've been known for Halloween for the last couple of years," she said.

Smith, who first opened the store four years ago, said she believes the boutique's vintage look attracts customers. Indeed, every corner of the store appears to have some sort of Halloween-related item. Glittered spiders, all sorts of decorated pumpkins and even a 'Hocus Pocus' sign adorn the walls of the boutique. A large window at the front of the store brings to view the store's new items.

As Smith worked on crafts for the annual Ladies' Night Out, she spoke of the time when the first customer in search of Halloween décor visited the boutique, in July. Although not everyone starts that early, most get the urge during the first weeks of September, Smith said.

Tara Noftz, an employee at Vignettes agreed.

"In the last week, [sales] just started picking up," she said. "People are finally taking down their plants and getting ready to decorate for the fall."

Vignettes, a boutique located on Flint Street, sells unique hand-crafted pieces. For Halloween items, the boutique includes werewolf and vampire-themed soap, as well as decorative items such as witches' hats, and banners with 'spooky' or 'eek' written across. Although the store accommodates more themed items, Noftz called the soaps and the banners best-sellers.

Since the local boutique opened up about a year ago, Noftz said this year is the first time the products are being sold in this area.

"Hopefully (sales) go well, we hope (the items) are well-received," she said.

Lloyd Coe, owner of Ed's Broadway Gift and Costume, said sales at Ed's have been steady. Yet, as time passed since Coe first opened the boutique in 1997, the sales have increased.

Coe started a website and opened up a store on eBay. He also opened a temporary store located on M-24 across from Pine Tree Lighting because he needed more room. There, decorations, makeup, accessories and costumes are sold.

As for Ed's Broadway Gift and Costume, Coe said it still sells the theatrical makeup, costumes and accessories it is famous for. This year, the store begins a new offering that is hoped to become a traditional offering.

"We're going to begin taking appointments to get makeup (professionally) done," he said.

Whether choosing Ed's to get makeup done, Vignettes for the vampire-themed soap or The Angel, Witch and Old Crow for the 'Hocus Pocus' sign, Nancy Smith, the Angel, Witch, and Old Crow owner said people should remember to buy local.

"Whether it's five or twenty dollars, it makes a difference," she said. "It's why we're here."