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OES celebrates 138K minutes of reading

by CJ Carnacchio

October 09, 2013

Picking out free books are OES students Jessa Bonk, Grace Butzu, Cici Nicholson, Conor DiGasbarro and Logan Wilmot. Photos by C.J. Carnacchio.

That's how many minutes were read by Oxford Elementary students over the summer as part of the "Book Across America" Summer Reading Club.

Last week, the school celebrated this tremendous amount of reading by holding a pancake breakfast for 83 students and giving each of them a free book.

The school's top reader was fourth-grader Kayla Casper. She read for a whopping 8,312 minutes. When asked why she read so much, Casper replied, "Because I had lots of free time."

Her favorite part of reading is "feeling how the character feels" in books.

Although she enjoys reading all types of books, Casper's favorites are those that involve creating animal artwork. She loves to draw and paint dogs.

The school's other top readers were Lauren Schiller, who read for 6,000 minutes, and Charlie Vallone, a 5,000-minute reader.

Reading for 4,000 minutes each were Andrew Haselton, Abigail Cherian and Ellie DiMalanta.

Students who read for 3,000 minutes were Maddy Lovins, Sophie Boglaev, Abigail Conley, Olivia Dorman, Chase Abell, Brandon Kampo, Ava Wilson, Sami Hurst and Kyle DiMalanta.

The 2,000-minute reader club included Brody Burns, Emma Ortwine, David Burean, Meredith Evans, Henry Foster, Michael Brown, Kayla Stanley, Natalie Schiller, Emma Morris, Megan Griffith, Anna Boglaev and Caroline Marsh.

A total of 56 students read for 1,000 minutes each.