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Leader now $1

October 16, 2013

Readers will notice on Page 1, that the single copy price of this newspaper is now $1 an issue. This is the first increase of single copy editions in over 25 years.

"In those 25 years the cost of producing community newspapers has gone up -- papers is up, gas is up, health insurance and all costs associated with employing are up," Publisher James Sherman, Jr., said. "Now is the best time I can remember to subscribe. A year's subscription is still the best bargain in town."

A year's subscription to The (fill in your newspaper) -- full of community news, events, local business advertising and neighbor-to-neighbor want ads -- is still only $32 a year. That's only a little over 61 cents a week!

"People who care about the community subscribe," Sherman said, "so they can stay on top of local politics, sporting events and community outings. I want to support those who support us. So, subscriptions will not go up at this time."

Our on-line news edition, while free, does not include all stories or ads. To subscribe and save money, please call (248) 628-4801.