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Reading, ‘riting and Red Wings!

by CJ Carnacchio

October 16, 2013

Norah Wright handles the stick like a pro.
"Go Red Wings! Go Red Wings!"

The deafening sound of this exuberant chant filled the gym at Leonard Elementary Friday afternoon as representatives from the professional hockey team visited the school to talk to students about education and dedication.

Red Wings marketing representatives Sara Turnbull, Tiffany Kress and Zach Konnie encouraged the K-5 students to continue learning valuable lessons from both their teachers and their classmates.

As far as dedication, students were urged to set personal goals, work hard to achieve them, eat healthy foods and get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day.

After answering some hockey trivia questions and having an exciting shoot-out contest with their teachers, the students each received their very own Red Wings folder and the school was given a Detroit banner to hang.

Instead of doing the usual type of school fund-raiser (i.e. selling candy, wrapping paper or pizza kits), Leonard students will soon be selling tickets to a Red Wings game.

Students who sell three tickets will earn a free ticket for themselves.

The student who sells the most tickets at Leonard will win an autographed Red Wings hockey stick.