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October 30, 2013

Treats for Troops

Oakland County Sheriff's Office is collecting Treats for Troops, Friday, Nov. 1, and Monday, Nov. 4, until 4 p.m. at Independence Township Substation, 6560 Citation Drive.

Halloween candy, individually wrapped, no chocolate, will be forwarded to troops serving overseas. Parents and children can also include thank you, holiday, and other notes to the troops.

Trick or treast hours in Independence Township are from 6-9 p.m.

Downtown safety

City Manager Carol Eberhardt said the Michigan Department of Transportation will visit downtown Clarkston this Thursday to do a walk through with city employees and the public.

They will discuss safety issues along Main Street. Eberhardt said she has a list of concerns, including crosswalk issues. The meeting will begin on Thursday at 9 a.m. at City Hall on Depot Street.

Money for sidewalks

Clarkston City Council approved transferring $2,298 from the Capital Project Fund to the Sidewalk Improvement Fund, which before the deduction had $7,000 in it.

Some sidewalk repairs are already in the process of being repaired, as approved by City manager Carol Eberhardt. A repair of a tone wall cost $2,000. Councilman Richard Bisio said Eberhardt should have got the work approved by council before approving the work.

Water reserve fund

City of the village of Clarkston will request a water reserve fund, collected through a portion of residents water bills and currently possessed by Independence Township, be transferred to the City.

City Manager Carol Eberhardt said the city should be earning interest on the money, which is used for improvement projects.

"It should be included in our investment pool in Oakland County and be earning us interest," said Eberhardt.