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Guest viewpoint
Importance of preplanning

November 13, 2013

By Russ Burns

We are always complaining that there just isn't enough time in our lives. We may be too busy with work, school, the kids, and other family matters. That's understandable given how quickly things move in society today. But when there is a major event, we are forced to find the time to plan.

Months of careful preparation are spent creating the most memorable times of our lives such as marriage or the birth of a child; a significant anniversary or birthday. Indeed planning and preparation is the key to many of our successes. There are even professionals whose main role is to plan such events!

Why then do we put off those things we do not wish to plan for no matter how evident the need?

Preplanning for your estate and funeral is as important as any plan you will make this year. Sudden grief tends to confuse and cause a family to make rash decisions that they may regret later. Preplanning your arrangements for the cemetery and funeral assures your part in creating a dignified service of remembrance for your loved ones.

There is also a substantial cost savings when preplanning.

Funeral and cemetery costs have increased just like any other product or service over the years. On average, they double every eight to 10 years, depending on inflation. You will save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars by preplanning now.

The most meaningful benefit is sparing your family from making difficult decisions at one of the worst times of their life. When preplanning, do your research and select reputable firms with solid reputations and financial stability.

All Saints Cemetery is a member of the Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association which has been in existence since 1841. Located in Waterford, we also have The Preserve, a natural burial cemetery adjacent to All Saints Cemetery. Both sit directly on Maceday Lake.

We invite you to call us at 248-623-9633 for a tour of our cemetery. We also provide seminars on preplanning for your church, club or organization.

Take the time now to plan what is one of the most important decisions you can make!