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Village Council seeks state SAW grant for drain research

by David Fleet

November 13, 2013

Goodrich- By a 5-0 vote on Monday night, the village council moved forward with a grant application to fund a project to systemically identify all village drains.

The village, with the assistance of WadeTrim engineers, is seeking part of $450 million available from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Stormwater, Asset Management, Wastewater (SAW) grant or loan. So far the state legislature OK'd $97 million of the funds for 2014 to be allocated to various Michigan communities on a first-come, first-served basis to fund asset management plans.

If approved, the grant will be used by the village for update mapping, developing a geographic information system (GIS) and purchase of GIS software. WadeTrim will then train village staff, scan existing construction drawings and tie into GIS linked mapping for easy retrieval. The proposal includes the initial set up of the project. The upkeep will be the responsibility of the village.

The proposal is estimated at $160,000. If approved by the state, the village will pay 10 percent or $16,000. The village will be responsible for $4,000 for WadeTrim to make application which can be part of the grant if approved.

Village Manager Jakki Sidge said the project has been ongoing.

"There are many drains throughout the village—many are unmarked or unidentified," she said. "From old farmer drains and sump pump drains, not to mention clay tile drains. The grant will assist in knowing where these are."

Rick Horton, village council president, supported the grant.

"The village is 170-years-old," he said. "Many drains were put in over those years. We really have no idea where they all are located. A 10 percent match for the project is very reasonable."

"WadeTrim will scan the streets and ground with equipment to determine the location of the existing drains."