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Office contest helps food pantry

by Andrea Beaudoin

November 27, 2013

Movement Search and Delivery, a headhunting firm in downtown Clarkston, dropped off over 3,000 pieces of food to benefit the food pantry at Lighthouse Emergency Services in Clarkston on Nov. 21.

Movement's crew of over 30 employees gathered the food to be donated while holding a contest to see which of two teams in the office could collect the most food.

This is the second year the company has held a food drive. Last year the group collected over 700 items and this year they aimed to collect 1,000.

That goal was crushed.

Movement manager Doug Scott said employees rallied friends to help out by posting messages on Facebook to help with the drive.

A competition is nothing new for movement. Scott said the team is always competing.

Dubbed Team Turkey and Team Gravy, the two teams battled it out for a good cause with the winner receiving a "full spread" during a Friday afternoon office happy hour.

A day before the final deadline to collect food several of the employees made their last minute shopping trips to gather food and get a leg up on the competition. "Yesterday was a big shopping day for us," said Senior Headhunter at Movement Kevin Goebel.

Some of the food in glass jars not accepted by the lighthouse will be donated to another organization in White Lake.

Employee Dan Scott said the office was more concerned with pulling off a successful food drive rather than with the special happy hour party.

When all the food was gathered the team stacked it up on their gigantic conference table, but the table still wasn't enough to hold all the food as it spilled all over the conference room.

Staff at the Lighthouse said they were impressed with the donation they received from Movement.

"They called us just before they came and said we have three cars full of food, so we cleared off a large table in the pantry and after they dropped off the food the table and whole room was full. Movement's total donation was over 3,000 pieces of food.

"They gave us an incredible amount of food," said Lighthouse Manager Connie Stapleton.