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Student raises $800-plus to help Nicole Burtonís family

by Trevor Keiser

December 04, 2013

Keegan Wynn helped organize a can drive at Lakeville Elementary to help raise money for the Burton Family after fellow Lakeville Student Nicole Burton passed away on Nov. 8. Photo by Trevor Keiser.
In light of the passing of Lakeville Elementary student Nicole "Colie" Burton and the many fund-raisers to help the family with funeral expenses, fellow Lakeville student Keegan Wynn wanted to do his part to help.

Burton passed away Nov. 8, after a five-year battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Wynn, who is in Cheryl Matas's second-grade class, gathered 10 of his friends to do a can drive throughout his neighborhood.

"We split up into groups and went all around our neighborhood and got all the cans," he said. "We raised $718."

"The time we did it in is pretty awesome - three hours," Wynn added. "Our garage was flooded with cans."

After the successful drive, he presented the idea of doing a can drive throughout the school and helped organize the event and help create the flyer that was distributed around the school. Wynn didn't want to take full credit, though.

"It was the class's idea, the whole class including me," he said. "We thought we could have done better (than $718)."

The school can drive was enough to push them over $800 to give to the family.

When asked why he decided to do the can drive for a fellow student he didn't know personally, Wynn replied "Just to help Nicole Burton's family."

"I am really proud of Keegan for taking action to help a family who lost their only child," said Matas. "I just can't say enough about him, he's just a great kid."

Dawn Wynn, Keegan's mom said she and her husband raised their children "to care about others and to pay it forward." Not only is she proud of Keegan, but all the students at Lakeville.

"Nicole was a brave little girl who touched a lot of people's lives," she said. "The fact that the kids want to give back and help means a great deal."

Lakeville's Principal Kristy Gibson-Marshall described Keegan as "an incredible little boy."

"His heart is huge and he uses it to take action for others," she said. "That's pretty amazing."