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Township moves to honor football champs

by Andrea Beaudoin

December 11, 2013

For members of Independence Township Board, Clarkston High School varsity football team deserves national recognition for last week's state victory.

"I asked that the team be recognized because it's the first time in history that they won the championship," said Trustee Jose Aliaga.

Aliaga contacted U.S. Senator James Marleau, Rep. Gail Haines and longtime Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to ask that the Wolves be recognized for the big win.

He said he also requested Michigan Governor Rick Snyder sign the proclamation honoring the coaches and the team.

Aliaga received confirmation from Marleau's office that the achievement will be recognized by officials. Clarkston Community Schools was also notified the political figures would like to attend an event at the Clarkston High School recognizing the coaches and team members.

Independence Township will also issue a proclamation to the the team during the ceremony, which is still being scheduled for sometime in January.

Township Treasurer Paul Brown congratulated the Clarkston Wolves football team on their Division 1 Championship title during a Dec. 3 Township Board of Trustees meeting.

"I broke out my varsity jacket and wore it to the game and I think it brought them good luck," said Brown. "I think it brought them good luck I wore it last year when I won the election."

Aliaga, who is running for state representative, said he wanted to recognize and acknowledge the support of the citizens, parents, friends, neighbors and everyone who came to the stadium and showed tremendous support when Clarkston Wolves played at Ford Field and won the game.

"I was really proud and happy to see the team win the state championship," he said.

He added he was happy to see such courage on the field during the game by "guerreros" or warriors in Spanish.

"Now our warriors are champions and we are proud," he said. "We are proud of our community."

Brown said it was announced that the crowd for Clarkston was the largest for a state championship game in history, with an estimated 10,000 people in attendance at Ford Field.

"That's a third of the township," said Clerk Barb Pallatto.

The Wolves varsity football team faced Detroit Catholic Central and defeated them 32-14, taking their first state championship in history.