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Burleson brings Lionblood to Clarkston

December 11, 2013

When Ryan Leider met Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson at Bonnie & Cylde in Clarkston, he had only one question.

"Do you think you could beat Calvin Johnson at an arm wrestling match," asked Leider , an Independence Township resident and huge fan.

"I don't think so," responded Burleson. "They call him megatron for a reason."

Burleson visited Clarkston, Dec. 1, to meet residents and introduce his clothing line, Lionblood Clothing Company, to residents.

The visit took place on the same day the Clarkston Wolves clenched a Division 1 State Football Championship at Ford Field.

Some of the visitors came directly from the championship game, excited to meet Burleson.

"I also just wanted to thank you for winning the Thanksgiving football game," said Leider.

Burleson also came to Bonnie & Clyde to show his support for Small Business Saturday.

Bonnie & Clyde owner Shari Schulz said she was impressed by the pro football players interaction with the fans.

"He has taken his time to really talk with everyone," she said.

Fans could get their picture taken and get whatever they wanted signed. Lionblood Clothing Company gear was also for sale at Bonnie & Clyde and the store will carry the line.

"We started carrying the line about a month ago," said Schulz."People are coming from all over to get it."

Burleson was impressed that Clarkston was so welcoming.

"It's a really great turnout," said Burleson. "People here are really excited to see me and that feels good."

Owen Hall asked Burleson to sign a football card, a football and a hat and Burleson happily obliged.

Both Owen and his brother Clay Hall play football at Clarkston and aspire to be professional football players, their mom Kathy said. Meeting Burleson just added steam to that dream.

Leider said he is really excited to be featured in their local newspaper.

"My whole family has been in the Clarkston News and I have always wanted to be too. My whole life I have wanted to be in that paper," he said.

Owen said he is a huge sports fan and was excited to read in The Clarkston News that Burleson would be in Clarkston.

Burleson also signed the football program from the Clarkston Wolves winning game. "We just came from Ford Field here Clarkson won the game," a fan informed Burleson.

Some products carried in Lionblood line include tops, fleece, jersey's, hats, hooded sweatshirts, earrings, dog tags, bandannas and sticker sets. Jockeys from the radio station WRIF 2 were also at the event. Bonnie & Clyde is located at 7150 N. Main Street in Clarkston.