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Christmas treats for homeless pets

December 25, 2013

Ivan Olevenick opens a can of tuna fish for the cat treats. Photos by Wendi Reardon
Fourth graders in Dr. Kristen Gretka's class at Independence Elementary had a wish for the holidays as they got to work on Dec. 13.

They wanted homeless animals in the area to wake up to treats and toys on Christmas morning.

"The kids chose it," Gretka explained, calling the students Elves for Homeless Animals. "They raised all the money for it."

The fourth graders designed and sold T-shirts to buy what they needed to make treats and toys for homeless cats and dogs for their academic service learning project. The students also researched and planned what they were going to make for the animals.

The class partnered with K-9 Stray Rescue League in Oxford, Oakland County Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet in Fenton.

"They really wanted to help the homeless animals," Gretka said.

In the spring the students will be working at Grace Centers of Hope.

~Staff Writer Wendi Reardon