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Spiritual Matters
Time for new resolution

January 15, 2014

res·o·lu·tion [rez-uh-loo-shuh] Noun, …a formal expression of opinion; a decision or a determination.

Ever seen a resolution made by a city council that thanks someone? They look something like this:

- WHEREAS that because, people like baseball, and

- WHEREAS that baseball is fun and

- WHEREAS that baseball is good for kids… that

- RESOLVED Coach Johnson is the best baseball coach this town has ever seen!

The "WHEREAS" is what is known to be true – the "RESOLVED" is the response.

So going into this new year – what "WHEREASes" do you know? And does it matter?

Well for Christians a few things are true. How about these…

- WHEREAS Before you get up in the morning your sins HAVE BEEN completely forgiven

- WHEREAS You may have to earn you way in the near future here –your eternity with Christ is already paid for.

- WHEREAS you have been adopted into a new family – forever!

- WHEREAS You can do nothing to earn the gift God joyfully gives you.

- WHACEREAS the peace and hope and glory of God is handed to you

RESOLVED, (your signature here).

2014 is here and Christ is with you. Do you have a resolution?

Bill Northend is a Lutheran Pastor at TheGatheringPlace in Davisburg.