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Letters to the Editor

January 22, 2014

Help appreciated in reliving history through CNews

Dear Editor,

This letter is to thank the Clarkston News and specifically the editor, Phil Custodio.

A couple of months ago I went in to get my paper and asked Rose Mary at the front desk if they kept their old newspapers. She said they have them back to the 1930s. I asked what form are they in? She said they have the actual newspapers. I asked if I could see them, and she said I would have to make an appointment with the editor. Phil called me the next day and asked me when I was available. I said how about now.

I told Phil I played for a Clarkston American Legion baseball team in the summer of 1951. The team was made up of boys from Clarkston and Waterford. Some of the boys from Clarkston I recall were Tom Bulen, Dave Vincent, Pat Jewell, Rick Huttenlocher, and Earl Lamberton.

The rest of the boys, like myself, were from Waterford. Jack Saylor, a sports writer for the Pontiac Daily Press, was our coach. We played Birmingham, Royal Oak, Berkley, Milford and a few others I don't recall. One memorable game was with Birmingham. Their pitcher was Tom Tracy, the star running back for the Detroit Lions back in the 50s.

Now I told Phil I would like the newspapers from May through September, 1951. We went upstairs and Phil went through the large bound binders, which contained the newspapers. He found the ones I was looking for and brought them downstairs and put them on a table and told me to take my time.

Well, to my disappointment, I did not find anything on the ball team. However, I did find many ads from local businesses that brought back fond memories.

It seemed like every week there was an ad from the auto dealers in town. Beatty Motor Sales always had a large pictured advertisement. Beatty was a Ford dealer on the southeast corner of Church and Main. My dad worked for Beatty before and during World War II as a mechanic.

When we were kids, my three brothers and I would go in to see my dad. Mr. Beatty would shake our hands and pat us on the head and sometimes gave us candy.

Other memorable ads were Whipple Pontiac, Rudy's Market, that is the original Rudy's owned by Rudy Swartz, Terry's Market, O'Dell's drug store, Cheeseman's ice cream parlor, the Dixie Spot, and many others. What a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Thanks again, Phil. You made my day.


Dick Ellis

Independence Township

Reader sees no reason for a hospital in township

Dear Editor,

Regarding McLaren Hospital in Clarkston, I see no need for the proposed McLaren Hospital and indeed see numerous reasons not to allow the hospital.

We already have two fine urgent care clinics here and they have done a good job. There are three excellent hospitals no more than 20 minutes away. With that, why more expense and congestion?

The infrastructure costs to the county and township will be considerable and those monies could be used for much better purposes.

Anyone who has driven on Sahasbaw and Clarkston roads around 6 a.m. knows we already have too much congestion and traffic. The addition of the 1,000 people projected would create a colossal mess and frustration.

The state has already denied the McLaren request twice. Why move all the beds around to satisfy McLaren and Mr. Kittle?

Many of us moved here for the rural aspects and natural environment we have here. We DO NOT need to become another Troy or Rochester Hills.

Jim Reed

Independence Township

Thanks for help at Holiday Candle Lighting Ceremony

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the many people who assisted with our Annual Holiday Memorial Candle Lighting Service on Dec. 17.

Special thanks to Clarkston Community Church for opening the doors to their beautiful church and many gracious members from the church who assisted behind the scenes. Valuable insights to help cope with the Holidays were shared followed by a touching memorial candle lighting ceremony.

Sincere gratitude to talented local performers: soloist Matthew Duncan and pianist Liz Melli, who blessed all in attendance with their talent.


Jenni Simsack, funeral director, Lewis E. Wint & Son Funeral Home, Clarkston