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Letters to Editor

by CJ Carnacchio

January 22, 2014

Township's 'demand' for two dispatchers 'smacks of bullying'

The Oxford Leader's recent reporting of Oxford Township's demand to the Village to provide two full time emergency dispatchers, 24/7 or else, smacks of bullying to me.

I am well aware of a Hatfields/McCoy relationship between the two governmental entities that has apparently prevailed for many years, but this example seems to go beyond theoretical differences and smacks of a declaration from the township that does not truly represent the best interests of its constituency.

In as much as 'two is better than one,' I suppose, in the context of emergency dispatchers, has the township confirmed through research of dispatcher records that the likelihood one full time (and apparently two on occasion) dispatchers would not be able to handle the typical flow of incoming requests for service?

Or, is that just an assumption, based upon a broadened responsibility the Village dispatchers now handle (inclusive of the village of Lake Orion as well as Oxford Township) that an increased risk to the citizens of the township exists, at least sufficient to demand additional personnel which, of course, results in increased expenses (which, of course, the costs of which are ultimately passed down to the taxpayers and/or resulting in cuts in other areas).

I would suggest that township Supervisor Bill Dunn and village Manager Joe Young sit down together and apply concerted efforts to analyze true historical statistics as to the number of dispatch calls, the times of day or night when they represent the most volume and, most importantly, an effective method of providing manpower when it's most needed--and conversely structuring the system so that additional manpower is not simply in place--and costing taxpayers more--when it's generally and historically not needed.

To just bully the village by a take-it-or-we-leave attitude in this matter appears to be more of a bullying of one entity against the other and this sort of thing needs to stop.

Paul Cervenak


Praise for Rush's opining

I read Don Rush's column every week. His column in the Leader dated Jan 1, 2014 ("Tirade Number 1 and Tirade Number 2") is the best column I've ever read.

I feel it is so inspiring that I made copies and gave one to each of my children (five), one to each of my grandchildren (15) and one to each of my great-grandchildren (nine).

Keep up the good work.

Mel Pawl

Former downtown Oxford business owner