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Shooting Stars
Backyard fun on ice

February 12, 2014

Clarkston resident Chris Cross said his large family, friends and coworkers have had a blast playing hockey on the homemade ice rink he created in his backyard. Submitted photo
Clarkston resident Chris Cross got the idea for a backyard hockey rink from his brother, who started a rink in his backyard five years ago.

"I know of at least four backyard hockey rinks in Clarkston," said Cross.

The large sheet of ice serves as a place to have a lot of fun for Cross's family.

His 84-by-44-foot rink features 3,000 watts of electricity for nighttime play and a fire pit with warming area. Cross said it took him about eight hours to install it.

"I have five kids, four boys, who use the rink constantly," he said. "My brother has eight kids and my sister has five kids that use the rink all weekend. On top of that I have three first cousins that have a total of 18 kids that come over frequently to play hockey."

Cross encourages everyone to join in the fun and install some backyard ice.

"It's a big thing in Michigan," he smiled.

It can also be relatively inexpensive. A few hundred bucks will get you years worth of fun on ice, he said.

For more on how to build an outdoor hockey rink visit:

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