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Letters to the Editor

February 26, 2014

Reader calls for city manager to step down

Dear Editor,

Regarding your stories "City spat unresolved despite many letters" and "City Manager breaks contact with the News," (Feb. 19), it should be quite clear to your readers and the Clarkston City Council by now that the Clarkston city manager's erratic behavior presents a negative image for the city. Her actions of late are an embarrassing black eye for the entire Clarkston community, not just the city.

Now that the city manager has said that she "won't participate in anything that in some way encourages continued harassment" when those who employ her ask her questions, then she has unquestionably resigned her position as the city manager. Insubordination of the duties that the city council hired her for clearly demands that the city council hold her accountable for failing to do her job. It's past time for those who hired the city manager to step up to the plate and to do their job.

In one breath the city manager says that she "doesn't mind when residents have criticisms for her or the city," especially when they "get the facts straight if they want to complain," and in another she says that she is done with the Clarkston News and refuses to speak because they have done so. And the citizen(s) asking questions are "erratic," really? The parties involved are simply exercising their first amendment right to question and demand answers from their government, why the silence?

It's time for the city of Clarkston and it's residents to be "done" with this city manager. If she's allowed to ignore the public, and now refuses to talk to the News, then she has become a dictator.

The city council and the people of Clarkston deserve a better representative. Any public employee who considers it "harassment" for those who exercise their first amendment right to ask questions and speak out is no longer a "servant," they have become their "master." The likes of the dictatorial "masters" with whom millions of Americans died defending us from!

It's time for the Clarkston city manager to listen to the advice of ex-mayor Steve Arkwright's in his Feb. 12 letter to the editor, "Let good people do good things." Stepping down from a job that she clearly doesn't want to be "harassed" by would be a good start.

Michael L. Powell

Independence Township

Appreciation for Freedom of Speech coverage

Dear Editor,

We are proud we subscribe to a paper that stands up for the First Amendment and the Freedom of Information Act that is always being challenged, especially lately.

The Clarkston official should be challenged for refusing to be part of our main voice of freedom here, The Clarkston News. It is part of her job to answer to the public.

We appreciate the public officials who also voiced support for our paper and concern that public officials have a responsibility to answer to the public, it is part of their job.

We also look forward to reading the "passionate" articles by Andrea Beaudoin. Her latest article "Death by Dog," Feb. 19, about losing our Freedom of Speech was appreciated by many of our peers.

God Bless America and this newspaper

Mike and Debbie Dettling

Independence Township

Reader disappointed with negative news coverage

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed the News gave so much space to the whiny Cory Johnston man. However, I am glad he has resigned from whatever "community organization" he was involved in.

I really don't believe any community, most especially ours, needs anyone with such negative views. I wonder, does this man have nothing else to do but nitpick, complain, and endlessly write letters?

I love my village and I love all the folks who work, doing the best job they can. These people make my life here in Clarkston very happy and I am pleased with all they do.

Thank you, Carol Eberhardt, and the rest of the crew.

Judy McConnell