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‘Read to win’

by Susan Bromley

February 26, 2014

Ortonville- The Masons have upped the ante for readers.

On Feb. 25, the Ortonville Masonic Lodge kicked off their "Read to Win" program, which replaces "Books for Bikes," in place the last six years.

"The guys at the lodge decided the bikes weren't getting enough participation, we only got about 30 kids per year," said Henry Lozier, treasurer of the Ortonville Masonic Lodge. "We decided to change the prize and go to giving away a Kindle Fire."

The contest is for children in second and third grades at Oakwood and Harvey Swanson elementary schools in the Brandon School District and begins just in time to celebrate National Reading Month in March. To be entered for a chance to win a Kindle Fire, an e-book device, students must read eight books appropriate to their grade level, writing a paragraph for each book, summarizing it, and submitting the paragraphs along with an entry form obtained from their teacher. The deadline for entries is May 15. A child can submit one entry form for every eight books read (16 books equals two entries, 24 equals three, and so on, increasing the chances of winning).

In total, four Kindle Fires will be given away, to a boy and girl at each elementary. Teachers can win, too— a $50 gift card to Staples will be given to the teacher who has the most students participate.

"Reading is the basis of all education," noted Lozier. "If you can't read, you can't do math story problems, English, you can't do anything without being able to read. To me, reading and math are it. If you can't do those two, you're lost."

Entry forms and paragraphs about the books should be mailed to Henry Lozier, 2700 Grange Hall Road, Ortonville, MI 48462, or e-mail to

For more information, call Henry Lozier at 248-627-2700.