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Medical mission for Clarkston doctor

by Andrea Beaudoin

April 09, 2014

Clarkston Doctor Maria Livieratos traveled to Guatemala with a team from Farmington Hills based Botsford Hospital to provide medical care to 1,200 people. Photo provided
"We knew it was cancer," that is what Clarkston physician Maria Livieratos said of one woman who came to see a team of doctors visiting Guatemala on a medical mission trip in March.

She had all the signs of cancer, a belly ache and a large mass growing in her stomach.

"We told her she needed to go to a hospital," said Livieratos. "She had no way to get there and all we could do was prescribe her antibiotics."

Livieratos traveled almost 2,000 miles with a team of 28 medical professionals on a medical humanitarian mission from March 8-15 to help 1,200 strangers....