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Letter to the Editor

April 09, 2014

I understand that the fire department is seeking a new millage to maintain and improve the services for Oxford Township. I understand the need for the millage, but I also see a dire need for better roads throughout Oxford Township.

If I was in an emergency vehicle and being rushed to the nearest hospital, I would hate to speed down some of these roads for fear of falling off the gurney.

I would rather see a small millage for the improvements of all roads in Oxford Township.

These roads are travelled by residents, used by neighboring residents who drive these roads to get from point A to B, emergency vehicles, sanitation vehicles, moving vans, school buses, postal and delivery carriers, etc.

If a millage was passed that would repair and improve our road systems, then all residents of Oxford Township would have an equal shared investment in the roads and the financial burden for improving them wouldn't fall on the homeowner who pay special assessments based on how much road frontage they own. We all live in this community and I feel the democratic way would be for all of us to take a vested interest in the improvements of our streets and roads.

Barbara Rice