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Focus on school human resources

by Phil Custodio

April 23, 2014

Part 6 on Clarkston schools' new five-year Strategic Plan is on its fifth focus area, human resources.

With 85 percent of the school budget funding employee salaries, benefits, retirement, and other personnel costs, human resources is a big part of Clarkston School Board's Strategic Plan.

"It is very important to be fiscally responsible in all facets of the budget including salaries," said board President Rosalie Lieblang. "Our fund equity is certainly lower than we would like, and as a result, we are currently borrowing over $5 million so that we can pay our monthly expenses, including payroll."

The district has a fund balance of $3.3 million, which is 4.3 percent of budgeted total revenue of $76 million for the 2014 school year....