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Vandals damage Depot Park

April 30, 2014

Vandals struck Depot Park again and this time the damage was so bad a couple had to cancel their wedding in the gazebo last Friday.

Clarkston City Manager Eberhardt informed city council members at their Monday meeting the vandalism, full of graphic and vulgar language, is etched into the gazebo with marker and paint.

"We are having a huge problem with vandalism in Depot Park and it keeps escalating," said Eberhardt. "It is worse than I have ever seen it."

DPW foreman Jason Miller used very expensive wipes to clean off most of the graffiti.

"These wipes cost $300 for two containers," she noted about the additional costs.

In addition to damaging and breaking parts of the gazebo, the vandals destroyed other things including a bronze memorial plaque and a recently installed swing.

Eberhardt added destruction has been occurring almost every day.

Mayor Joe Luginski said the city has been considering cameras for the park for quite a while and requested Eberhardt to get bids for the equipment.

City Attorney Tom Ryan suggested Eberhardt look into getting get a dedicated line in the park which could be monitored by police.

Eberhardt said she also plans to investigate a system that can be viewed anytime online by anyone with a password to the system.

Oakland County Sheriff Independence Substation Lieutenant Dirk Feneley was made aware of the problem twice and additional police patrol were requested in the area.

As for the couple set to be married in the gazebo, they still got married.

City resident David Delasko said it is sad a couple's wedding plans were dashed by people destroying something beautiful.

"It is pretty horrible because people really like Depot Park," he said. "It's a really nice gazebo and a beautiful park."

Citizens are asked to call the Oakland County Sheriff substation at 248-620-4970 if they see any suspicious activities. ~AB