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Spiritual Matters
Better together for better habitat

May 07, 2014

At Calvary Lutheran we have a saying  we share often: “We are better together!” We believe that is way God made us for life in community, not as lone rangers. One Body of Christ with many parts, each uniquely gifted and all vital to the health and effectiveness of the Body.

Of course this image extends beyond a single congregation to the whole church.

At the National Day of Prayer breakfast last week I was profoundly reminded of this by the 2014 theme, “One Voice United in Prayer.”

The spring and fall Community Impact Days are another wonderful expression of working together. Simply put, we get more done for God and our community with more hands and hearts helping share the load.

Even though I believe we all know this is true, I lament that as churches we can find it so hard to make “better together” a real priority.

All too often we find it hard to set aside the time and/or our differences so that we can really work together as Christians for the sake of the world. We are called to build up the kingdom of God, not just build our own castles.

I trust each congregation in our community has vital life-giving ministries to spread the Good News and to reach out to those in need. I also believe it is important to come together sometimes so the world can see us working and focusing together on the love, compassion, justice and mercy of God. As the old song goes, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love…”

My Habitat Clarkston offers us a wonderful opportunity to do just that. It is an invitation to our various faith communities to come together with our schools, civic and service groups, the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and caring individuals to build a “better habitat” for all.

We will soon be officially announcing the details of our first Habitat for Humanity house build project in the Clarkson vicinity.

We hope and pray that this will serve as a catalyst for all shapes and sizes of projects to build that better habitat. We also hope it will serve as a catalyst to establish a much-needed volunteer clearinghouse. This will facilitate matching those interested in volunteer service with projects to build up the community or to assist those in need.

This is a big vision that requires us to share with one another – share some of our time and talents, share some of the spotlight and credit, share some of the resources, share some of our lives – so that others may see the light of Christ shine brightly and so that we can accomplish more, “better together!”

My hope and prayer is that our churches will be the early adapters and leaders in moving this vision forward.

To learn more about My Habitat Clarkston visit us on Facebook or let me know as I am very passionate about this opportunity to move beyond ourselves and our self-interest to building a better habitat for all. I believe that “better together” is our calling.

The Rev. Jonathan Heierman is Senior Pastor of Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church