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Business owner is thanked for service to veterans

May 14, 2014

VFW Post 334 recently honored Diane Simjanoski, owner of Cambridge Cleaners, in Lake Orion for her service and generosity to veterans.

Diane, her adopted name, was born Dragica Djordjvic in Macedonia, a south European country.

She learned to sew at an early age and became a talented shirt maker. Steady work was hard to find so she and her husband Victor came to America in 1973. Diane found work at Ford Motor Company sewing seats and she also worked at two dry cleaning businesses.

Her goal was to have a dry cleaning business of her own and also be able to give back something to the United States veterans who she said she loves and respects.

A few years ago two members of VFW Post 334, Clarence (Cece) Cameron and Mike

Ledford, (both Marines) started taking civilian clothes to Cambridge Cleaners.

When it came to cleaning their VFW jackets and other military uniforms she refused to accept payment. Recently VFW Post 334 recovered several flags that were dirty and in bad shape. Cameron took these flags to Diane for much needed repairs and cleaning. The Post would have gladly paid her but she refused to accept any money.

She said, "If you insist on paying then take them somewhere else. I will not accept money from those who fought to keep America free and have sacrificed so much. This is my way of saying 'thank you' and for me to give something back."

Diane has won the hearts of all the members of VFW Post 334 and continues to refuse any compensation for the military apparel she repairs and cleans.

Diane and Victor reside in Lake Orion. They have two children, a son Ivica who with Victor operates VIS Industries.

Daughter Evica lives and works in Chicago.

VFW Post 334 recently presented Diane with flowers, a Certificate of Appreciation and a United States flag for the lobby of her cleaning business. Diane employs seven people at Cambridge Cleaners, located at 1031 South Baldwin Road.

Cece Cameron (left) and Mike Ledford (right) presented the Certificate of Appreciation to Diane Simjanoski.