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Letter to Editor

May 14, 2014

No to Skilling, community center

I agree with last week's letter writer, R. Wagner, about what Oxford Schools is teaching our children with regard to China.

I would also like to know how the school board can extend Superintendent Dr. William Skilling's contract without the voters having a say in it. If I had a choice to vote on it, he would be gone.

Most of the colleges do not even except the program Oxford Schools is teaching, so you have to go to a community college and take courses you should have been taught in the first place. This will be the last year my children attend Oxford Schools as I will be sending them elsewhere next fall.

In regards to the column C.J. Carnacchio wrote last week ("Gazelles can't vote on whether they're eaten, but taxpapers can"), I would like to say very well said C.J.

I agree with you 100 percent.

They are also getting a 'no' vote from me.

I have attended the meetings on the proposed Oxford community center.

I do not see how they think they will be saving money by doing this. Our neighbors to the south are running in the red on their community center. I do not believe they are going to get the revenue from memberships that they are expecting and if they do not, then we the taxpayers will paying for it.

Laurie Winter, Oxford

Editor's Note: Superintendent contracts are something voted on by school boards, not the public. That's part of the board's job.