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Letters to the editor

May 28, 2014

Support for library

Dear Editor,

In today's world of technology and instant information (regardless if correct or not), many people still view the library as basically a warehouse of books—checking out and checking back in.

Sadly these people are not familiar with two of the Clarkston Independence District Library's main missions— service the needs of the community and provide for lifelong learning. One way our library is pursuing these goals is by providing a wide variety of adult programming.

This past year I decided to attend four of the programs.

Privey Historian, Tony Panepucci, shared his historical expertise of glass bottle making, architecture, toys, etc, excavated from former outhouses. He had even excavated a few in the Clarkston area making his talk more relevant.

Pet Psychic with The Reverend Kathleen, looked at pictures of an audience member's pets then proceeded to diagnose illnesses, behavioral problems and such. Whether you believed or not it proved a fascinating and fun evening.

The Spirit Hunter and the Skeptic (science vs. the psychic) presented haunting situations and findings from various areas in Michigan and Colorado.

Finally, the Orphan Train, by Al and Dave Eicher focused on the history of young children given up by their parents in New York City due to the severe financial crisis of the times. They were sent westward on trains. Many ended up in the Detroit area as well as throughout Michigan. In the audience were Clarkston residents who were descendents of these very children.

Other programs held this past year included gardening tips with Bordine's, Michigan rich food and agricultural history, writer workshops, travel logs, tax strategies, understanding medicare, musical groups, face reading, and technology and computer instruction.

Future programs will include Finding Your Dream House, Diego Rivera and the Detroit Industry Mural at the DIA, PGA Golf Instructor Marc White, 100 Best Foods for Seniors, Creating Your Own Tea, Michigan's Mysteries and Oddities, and Family Yoga.

To keep these informative, enlightening, fascinating and fun programs alive, I urge you to vote yes for the library millage on Aug. 5. In our quest for lifelong learning, we are never too old to learn something new.

Marion Barran

Independence Township

Thanks for Kids support

Dear Editor,

Our Kids Day in the Park was a great success this year. Attendance keeps going up every year as more people learn about this great event. The grand total of attendees this year was over 2,000 people. Everyone was able to enjoy the great weather with the sun shining the entire day.

A very special thanks you to our event sponsors: Genisys Credit Union, Lil' Peoples' Place, The Learning Experience, Great Lakes Golf & Sports Complex, Premiere Pediatrics and Thirty-One Gifts by Jeni Wise.

Special thanks to the following individuals who donated their time and talents to our Kids Day in the Park: Turtle Toys of Clarkston, Jim Tedder Productions, Michigan Youth Flag Football, Clarkston Coalition for Youth, VFW Post #582, Vision Builders Balloons, Artsy Style, Clarkston Area Mothers and More, Clarkston Independence District Library, Paws for Life, Rainforest Café, Oakland County Sportsman's Club, The Artists Apprentice, Oakland County Sherriff's Department, Clarkston Area Lions Club, Planet Kids, Culvers, Independence Township Fire Department, Planet Kids and Goldfish Swim School.

Without all of their support of everyone listed above we would not have been able to put on this great event for kids and in honor of Ryan Kennedy. We are grateful to everyone for their support.


Friends of Ryan Kennedy & Independence Twp. Parks & Recreation Seniors

City help appreciated

Dear Editor,

The residents of the Clarkston Mills Pond would like to thank City of the Village of Clarkston City Manager Carol Eberhardt for arranging the pick up of our collected debris from the annual pond cleanup by the Clarkston DPW.

Frank Schoebel

Riparian rep for Mill Ponds, Clarkston

Library millage

Dear Editor,

Passing of upcoming millage for library is very important to all citizens, a passage of millage will allow a handicap/senior to continue to utilize the valuable/essential service that the library offers.

The services to which, young or old, is an important and tremendous asset to those in our community. Use of reference librarians, request from other libraries for books, handicapped citizens such as me can have books delivered to their home via library and community services. School age children as well as adults benefit from the staff services as well as the library computer services. A yes to library millage is a plus to all Clarkston/Independence Township residents.

Dan Newman

Independence Township