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Letters to Editor

July 02, 2014

Another 'yes' vote for community center

The opportunity to approve construction for the Oxford Recreation Center will be put to a vote August 5 and I am crossing my fingers that it will pass. Being a resident of Oxford and a yoga teacher through Oxford Township Parks & Recreation, I realize the value it could bring to my husband and I, as well as the community.

As residents, my husband and I have participated in many of the ballroom dance classes offered through the parks and recreation department.

We both enjoyed having fun dancing while still getting the benefit of exercise.

Unfortunately, there will be no ballroom dance classes offered for the summer months due to lack of facilities.

If we had the new ORC, we would still be dancing and perhaps even more than one hour a week.

As a yoga teacher, I enjoy helping and enhancing the lives of others. Through the parks and recreation department, there is limited availability of days and times I can teach.

The new ORC would mean a great deal to me and my students. I would be able to offer many more yoga classes - morning, afternoon, and evening. Also, as my husband and I look toward our golden years and retirement (which are still many years away), the ORC would only enhance the lovely Oxford living of which we have grown so fond.

The community of Oxford would benefit by having the new ORC in many ways.

To list a few: the ORC would create new jobs, increase home values, increase revenue for local businesses, access to community recreation center all year round with more class offerings, and much, much more.

The new Oxford Recreation Center will be an outstanding amenity and integral part of Oxford, enriching the lives of people in support of wellness, health, fitness, and other positive activities right here in our community.

There will be something for everybody. Seniors, adults, teenagers and children will all have an opportunity to have a fun, happy, healthy experience there.

If you care about this community and want to make it a better place, all you need to do is vote 'yes' on August 5.

Tanis Redd-Harris


Thanks from the family of Harold Dodds

On behalf of the family of Harold Dodds, I would like to thank everyone for your many kind expressions of sympathy.

Kevin Lynch, of Lynch & Sons Funeral Home, your help and attention to each detail was amazing. You are a man of utmost integrity. Pastor Bob Service, you are top-notch always. Lee Knauf, we are grateful for the wonderful eulogy, and Jim and Kim, an awesome tribute to Grandpa.

Exemplary, special friend, Fire Chief Pete Scholz for speaking and honoring Harold's 41 years of volunteer service to our community. Jack Leroy, always a friend, even recently visited with him and brought a box of books to share.

Lt. Brad Horton, V.I.P. & Partners to Harold for many years and a recent comfort to him and our family.

All the firemen, the salutations were a glorious goodbye. A&A Flower Shop, we're grateful for your kindness. Tracey and Wade, neighbors who were there for all our needs, you have now become, a part of our family. Thanks to all the nursing staff at Crittenton Hospital, especially Nancy from the O.R, my special friend, you were there every step of Harold's care. May God bless you extra.

Thanks again to all Harold's neighbors for every kindness. The luncheon was paid by Bob Knauf and how appropriate, Harold's favorite place to eat lunch. Also, we were able to sit under the moose head that Herman Boose shot in Canada. Herm and Harold were best friends. They even owned the Lake Orion movie theater back in the 1950s Thanks again to Bob and Sonja .

If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. It was a privilege for me to plan this service to honor Dad. Please, whenever you hear about the K-9 Stray Rescue League, think of Harold, who was the ultimate dog lover.

Gail Thiele

Reporting on good things local govt. does

I read with interest, but not surprise, Mr. Carnacchio's reprint of his column on his conservative leanings (June 25, 2014). Apparently government at any level is "all equally loathsome and contemptible."

It struck me as ironic when I read the entire paper and found three articles under Mr. Carnacchio's by-line, which to me seemed somewhat confusing.

The article on the Oxford library renovations appeared rather positive.

Isn't the library a tax supported entity? The article on the front page pointed out how the police were protecting the construction workers ignoring the road closing signs, while tax dollars are being wisely used to repair cemetery hill. And lastly, there was a nice article on the Seymour Celebration being held on (gasp!) public park property.

I guess the library, park commission and police department are not among the groups Mr. Carnacchio's "detests." I suppose we all have our favorite public boards and organizations but if we do, we should acknowledge that all are not "equally loathsome and contemptible."

Alan Hafeli

Editor's Note: The three stories to which Mr. Hafeli referred Seymour Celebration, the Oxford library renovations and the police on W. Burdick St. were news articles unlike the opinion column he's taking issue with. These articles were written because it's the job of a community newspaper to report on such happenings. The fact they were reported on means only that they were newsworthy and that should not be interpreted as any sort of personal endorsement of an event or government entity.