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Lake Orion High School teacher releases third book

July 09, 2014

By Katie Winkler

Review Staff Writer

Stacy Keywell, a French teacher at Lake Orion High School, has released her third science fiction novel, "Escape Dead Sky."

The second book in the series, after "Forbidden Sky," revolves around a town "where residents are forbidden to questioning any of the rules and they have to bid on each other for marriage at 18 years old."

"The book focuses on the main character, Marybelle, an unpopular girl who gets bullied a lot, yearns to escape the community," Keywell said. "It is a hometown story about Lilly who is also bullied and doesn't have lots of friends. She oversees from a distance and protects her friends from the secret society that they don't know is going on. Towards the end, the two stories are connected."

The settings in the novel are the surrounding lakes in the Oakland County area.

Forbidden Sky," "Escape Dead Sky," and "Cloud City verses Zombie Apolocolpse," published by Dog Ear, are available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Nook, iBooks in paperback and e-reader versions.