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Letter to Editor

July 09, 2014

Politics, labels ignore problems

In reading CJ's June 25column I find it amusing how often the word conservative is used interchangeably with the word Republican and the word liberal is used when referring to Democrats.

CJ was truly being conservative by reprinting a column from two years ago instead of wasting precious energy writing something new. With that conservation we should expect something truly brilliant this week unless he wants to prove how conservative he really is, but eventually the boss will catch on. Note to Publisher: CJ has a whole library of columns you already paid him for so why not save yourself some money? That would be purely conservative.

But even CJ is not a purist when it comes to being a conservative. He would vote for and have us spend money on things that are important to him, so wouldn't that make him a hypocrite like the rest of us sinners?

Neither party corners the market on conservative or liberal spending when it comes to our money. Our current State Legislators are a majority of Republicans, but are by no means conservative. They are willing to spend just as much but want to take it from different sources and spend it on their pet causes.

If that wasn't true they would have found another way to give businesses a tax break besides raising taxes on all State income earners and on senior pensions. They spread the burden not by cutting but by taking money from schools, local governments and our roads.

They defeated unions not because they were interested in doing something for the hard working people trying to make a living but because it was good for business.

When a business like that owned by a billionaire wants a new stadium they are more than willing to shift funds earmarked for education in Detroit to the pet project. Of course they will make up for that by shifting money from the rest of the school districts and telling us at the same time that they are interested in our children's future.

Now comes the real dilemma, what to do about our roads. They know the answer but if they vote to raise our taxes it will look like they took the liberal way out.

I know let's stall until elections and put a referendum on the ballot so it looks like the people voted to raise taxes and the Republicans can remain as the party of conservatives. That is much easier than doing the job we elected them for.

Now, they are home for the summer conserving their energy for next September when it is time to get back to work conserving our money in a new direction that is good for business.

Nationally, Republicans are for a "strong military" at all cost. That is why we all hear of horror stories about small parts and simple tools costing an outrageous amount of money when it involves military spending.

But it's great for business!

Both parties are fighting over health care which was a Republican idea originally and since the Democrats have claimed it, now it is no good. Both parties are arguing over the cost of insurance when the real culprit of high health care cost is being ignored.

No one wants to tackle the high amount of fraud and over-charging that is costing us all dearly whether we have insurance or not.

Most folks who are covered by insurance don't care because insurance will cover it so it looks like it's not coming from their pockets. There is no political gain from going after the real problem.

Now the Republicans are fighting with themselves to see who can be the biggest conservative while the Democrats sit back and watch the circus.

Of course no one is really concerned about the common good or the value of compromise that this country was built on. They all need votes and they will do anything or say anything to get them. That is why they were willing to shut the government down at an ungodly daily cost just to prove who could get their head up their backside the furthest.

They knew in the end they would get back to funding the government because when it came down to affecting their constituents negatively, they would pay the price to save their jobs.

What we could do is trade in our conservative and liberal labels and look for common sense in our politicians. Politics is the only occupation where admitting you're a politician is a bad thing.

Our state representative in his first campaign claimed he wasn't a politician when in reality he studied political science in college and he ran for local and county political offices for years. So he qualifies well for the job because lying seems to be a positive quality in the occupation. Maybe we have too many unqualified people in office who really don't know what they are doing but that seems to be the people we have been electing.

Gerald Podzikowski