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Swayne plays for grandma

by Wendi Reardon

July 30, 2014

Hampton Swayne, right, plays for his grandmother, Sherry Hampton-Nutting in Football for a Cure, Aug. 6. Photo provided
Everytime Hampton Swayne kayaks with his grandmother, Sherry Hampton-Nutting, it is a new adventure.

"It is like a new world because there are spots you didn't even know existed," he smiled.

Swayne, a Clarkston High School junior, admits his grandmother has always been his idol and on Aug. 16 he will proudly wear her name on his jersey when he suits up for the Sixth Annual Football for a Cure, Aug. 16.

Hampton-Nutting battled breast cancer when Swayne was an infant and came out of the fight as a survivor.

"She said I was the bright spot in her life to help her keep going," Swayne shared. "That's why she fought it so hard and that's why she is alive today."

He admitted playing with the varsity football team with her name on his jersey is special to him.

"Just knowing I am playing for her," he explained. "Knowing everyone knows I am playing for her. She fought it and she survived. Now I can give back to her and everyone fighting cancer today."

Swayne knows because of her fight he can share activities with her they both enjoy - kayaking and bicycle riding.

"We usually kayak together when I go up north," he said. "We just talk out there. We go down little trails and rivers. She is always 'let's go over here.' We explore a lot. We go through the weeds and find kayaking spots."

Swayne became interested in kayaking because his grandmother participated in kayak racing.

He admitted one time the two of them did get lost and they had to call his grandfather.

Swayne invites the community to come out for Football for a Cure, which all the proceeds benefit McLaren Breast Center and McLaren Cancer Institute - Clarkston.

"It's a great way to stop cancer," he said. "The more people who come out, the more money we can raise and the more chances we have to stop cancer. It also supports the guys who are playing for cancer."

He is excited for his first Football for a Cure event and the pre-season scrimmage with the gridiron heroes.

"You turn in your blue and gold jersey and you get a pink one," he smiled. "You are playing for the cancer community. You are fighting cancer."

Swayne joins the varsity team as an offensive and defensive linebacker and is ready for this season. He explained he and his teammates since seventh grade are undefeated.

"We are 28-0. We are excited," he smiled.

The Football for a Cure game kicks off at 7 p.m. at Clarkston High School stadium. For more information or to volunteer for the event, please email or call Deanna at 248-922-6606