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Im sure others are as tired as myself sending responses to articles every week, but since the official city council meetings excluded my comments in regard to the subject of storm water regulations, the only way for the public to be informed is through the CN.

The standards that were adopted are out of date. Yes, the language was updated this year, but that does not mean they are based on current knowledge on how to best manage

Stormwater. This statement is true in reference to expense to install and maintain, as well as efficiency in protecting our surface AND ground water resources.

This is why I requested that the city form a storm water committee to study and develope standards and ordinances that would be specific to Clarkston, and that would function to actually be meaningful. Adopting the OC standards will not accomplish this.

The free training I offered the city would explain how this would be accomplished, and could be included in the development of the SW committee.

However, this does not mean that the city remains completely unenlightened on the matter. I provided them with two different sets of model ordinances of the type we should be adopting. I also provided many links to information on green infrastructure and it's benefits, as well as links to free webinars, low cost classes, and information on many products that are inexpensive and quick/easy to install that can work as pollution prevention, and risk minimization. Some of these products should also be in use currently at both garages if there is any question about a cross connection. (rennessaince high school should also use this in their boiler room which has a cross connection and was the source of the coolant overflow to the Clinton that Steve Ronk walked back to the source after a resident noticed the water was green. That cross connection was never fixed to my knowledge) I don't understand why these protections have not been utilized as of yet, since we have been permitted since 2003, as this is exactly the focus of a pollution prevention plan of the sort we have. When basic key elements like this are not included, it makes me wonder what else is missing?

And while we are discussing cross connections,mwhat about the garage at depot park! Isn't that connected to the mull race? It was historically that I remember....and the drain below the fabulous rain garden is highly erosive. That could be improved dramatically in a way that would beautify it, reduce impact, and could utilize a volunteer base to install, which would also be a meaningful way to fulfill the city's obligation for public participation. Just like the storm water committee to develope the ordinances and standards would.

As for the waste pile, I think someone is pulling someone's leg on that. If Martin Hendges visually identified it and included it in the audit, I believe it is correct. That is a legal document that is federally reviewed. If its incorrect, then the city would need to go through a formal correction process, and the information would need to be positively confirmed. In addition, I know where the pile in question is and I've examined it myself. I believe it is what it's been stated to be. Of course we could always sample it to demonstrate the truth one way or another.

These are only some of the deficiencies and impacts that exist in Clarkston. I've offered before, and could take anyone interested to a variety of locations where impact from poor management is visible. The sinkhole on the Christie property resulted from sediment accumulation in the storm that was layered and calcified by our locally hard water. The source of that process could have been eliminated with the type of standards I recommend, vs what was adopted. Problems on the Mill Pond could also be dramatically reduced with appropriate standards and ordinances. So if you really don't think this is that big of a deal, ask yourselves this; how much did the city spend fixing the sinkhole and associated storm pipe (the old fashioned way that will allow the same problem to happen in another 20years or so) and how much is the dredging of theMill Pond going to cost residents to dredge? These are only two of the more prominent problems that are perpetuated by the type of standards that were adopted.

I can't for the life of me wrap my head around any rationale that would think this decision was anything other than short sighted at best, and irresponsible at worse. If there is a more cost effective solution that serves the residents of our hamlet better, then that is the path our leaders should take. ....assuming that you consider what has transpired "leadership".

Tammie Heazlit
September 23, 2012

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