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The tragedy in Newtown weighs ...

The tragedy in Newtown weighs heavily on my mind, as Iím sure it does with many throughout the community. As the photos and stories emerged, I began to think how Newtown could easily be any town Ė and God forbid, even our town.

Watching the horror unfold, I had fleeting thoughts of never wanting to send my kids to school again. Obviously, this is not the answer and for most of us, be it work, school or other responsibilities, itís not even possible.

Life is full of unknowns. No one really knows what is going to happen on a given day. What I do know, is that everyday my husband and I depend many people to care for our children. We have to believe that everyone from the daycare staff, to the school bus drivers, teachers and administrators will do all they can to keep our children safe throughout the day.

As a parent, it hasnít always been easy to leave my children in the care of others. Iíve had my share of fears and yes, I must admit to following the bus a time or two to see what happens!

What Iíve learned is itís easy to see how happy my kids are when they go to daycare, school and dance class, or wherever it may be. And itís easy to see how much they are cared for.

While the tragedy in Newtown is a nightmare I hope never happens, perhaps positive changes will come as a result of it. If nothing else, let it be a reminder to each of us to appreciate those within the community and throughout the school district that protect and teach our little ones every day.

And while no one really knows what will happen tomorrow, I know that I must continue to have faith in the caregivers and school district personnel that we entrust the safety and well-being of our children to everyday.

L. Minor
December 18, 2012

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