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For what I wish were the last ...

For what I wish were the last time but know that it probably isn't......can we please use logic and facts to discuss the gun issue? Knee jerk emotional reactions will never get us anywhere. Fact: Places that ban guns have higher crime rates as well as violent crime whereas areas with high gun ownership have lower crime rates. England banned guns awhile back and one thing Piers Morgan doesn't want you to know is that while fewer people are murdered using guns there then in America you are still more likely do die from a violent crime in England than in America because the citizens can't use guns to deter crime or defend themselves! Washinton DC was the gun crime capitol of the country during it's 30 year ban and Chicago now holds that title because of it's bans and restrictions. You are now more likely to be shot in Chicago then in Afghanistan. More people are killed with hammers or clubs (496 in 2011) or knives (1694 in 2011) then with any kind of gun (323 in 2011) in this country. So when are they going to ban home improvement tools and the national past time or even top chef? As for the size of a magazine, they had a high capasity ban once, didn't work. They have determined that magazine size would not have

made any decernable difference in mass shootings. Fact: The term "assault weapon" is a political term that has no real definition aside from how a weapon LOOKS. The AR-15 is no more leathal then any other semi-automatic rifle. The only differences are in how it LOOKS. The AR-15 is the musket of today. Banning lawful citizens from having guns never has and never will keep criminals from committing crimes. Fact: The 2nd amendment was never about hunting. It was first and foremost about the citizens right to defend themselves against oppressive governments and criminals, which I know sounds redundant. If guns make us less safe then why do we arm policemen, Secret Service or our military? Guns don't kill people, people do. Knowlege is power, educate yourself.

T. Foster
January 14, 2013

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