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It was the contract for services that was delayed, not the fee. The fees were approved prior to anyone knowing if the work could be done for the recommended fees and prior to having anyone to actually do the work for the approved fee. Based on the information provided to the City Council, it is not known how the approved fees were determined. To explain my "opinion" on the city's procedures, the city council authorized $2500 in office renovations with no known bids and no formal plan other than what the City Manager told them. The official meeting minutes do not say where the money will come from or that it was not in the budget. Then the City Council approved $3480 for a high-tech phone system with only two quotes that were for systems that were not comparable. Once again, this was not in the budget that had been approved only two months earlier. If one knows anything about the city offices, they know that everyone sits in the same area and can easily talk to each other. I believe there are only two incoming phone lines. So if the City Manager and all three part time employees are each given their own phones, each phone will end up costing $870 and only two can be used at the same time. Most of the time they they will never all be used because no one will be there to use them. That's a very expensive phone system, approved after only one meeting and without any competitive bids. Then there is the Building Department. No bids, just a comparison of fees, and no agreement from anyone to do the work but they approved the fees with NO explanation of how they were derived. This is not the way to run a business, a very poor way to run a government and a completely unacceptable way to spend taxpayer money.

Cory Johnston
September 11, 2013

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