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Knucklehead Knoll / Heavenly Paws ...

Knucklehead Knoll / Heavenly Paws says Thanks! Thanks to all the "runners and walkers" last Sunday. Really enjoyed sharing the day with all of you! Hope you enjoyed the oranges, gummy's and water compliments of Heavenly Paws. My partner and I really appreciate how courteous and neat everyone was...I dropped more cups on the ground then anyone else trying to fill them up. We do this to support our furry friends. Please remember to respect and care for your pets. It is starting to get cold. Also...remember..."Adopt don't shop". Do not buy pets from pet shops. They are supplied by puppy mills which are very abusive to animals. Cages and breeding are all puppy mill dogs know. Never a kind word or comforting touch. Usually in the cold or heat living in wired cages their entire lives. "Breed them till they are of no use then cast them aside when no longer of any use". That's the puppy mill creed. Also NEVER advertise pets "free or on Ebay, etc." Predators, animal abusers and dog fighters are always looking for "bait" to train their dogs. Last but not least...pets are not a "convenience" to be discarded at your whim. Too many family pets are "dumped" with excuses such as "I have had bowser since he was a pup but now we have a baby and..." or " we are moving and can't take fluffy with us"... or " she is too much trouble, has accidents in the house and we just got new carpet". Hmm maybe if the pet was not left alone all day??? Anyway please consider ALL factors before making a commitment. Pets are traumatized when they lose their homes. They have so much love to give. Again enjoyed the day with all of you and if you are looking for new family member, want to give one of God's loving creatures a "fur-ever" home. Check out the Rescue sites and Shelters. Lots of love just sitting there waiting for a great home with YOU. Thanks and God bless!

Mark Stesney
November 13, 2013

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