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Clarkston City Manager Eberhardt's decision against communicating with the Clarkston News or using it as a vehicle to monitor constituent concerns is indicative of an imperial yet juvenile form of leadership which plagues the state right from the governor's office, through the Republican-dominated legislature, and often right down to local government. There is no transparency, and often a paternalistic view of constituents. The officially preferred modes of communication include self-serving releases via web or email, or council or other official meetings where the forum and agenda are controlled by the politicos. While it may be helpful for politicians for constituents to limit their participation via attendance at council meetings, limiting input via this forum is impractical and ineffective. Time, place and available meeting space often are not convenient or adequate for all who may have interest. Note that the history of the nation is marked by a deep respect for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. News media, including local newspapers, have been key to informing the public about the efficiency of government, and allow for the most widespread dissemination of information to the community and the facilitation of public debate. News media have played an important role in uncovering corruption and waste in government. Good government is only possible with the aid of a free press. A government official who is unwilling to communicate with community media or monitor it for community concerns and opinions is simply unfit for public service. If Eberhardt's is not up to the job or feels too much heat in the kitchen, she should do the honorable thing and resign her post.

Michael Fetzer
February 25, 2014

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    News reporting on politics
    March 15, 2014 | 07:22 AM

    So why aren't you enraged about the lack of reporting of all of President Obama's shenanigans while in office? He has ruined our country and made us the laughing stock of the world.

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