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arrowre: Contaminated soil at potential deli site

Will the City make the letter they received clearing the property for development available? This sounds like it contradicts what the DEQ has stated....

There are several professionals in the area who are highly qualified to review the information and make statements on it. These same individuals (not just me, others with more specific remediation experience) are interested in working on the site to evaluate, assure proper environmental clean up levels are achieved, and to further develop a plan that will address historic drainage issues on site while providing continuing mitigation.

If we want Clarkston and Independence to be the best that it can possibly be, no one better to do it than local residents who will keep the concept of the greater good at the fore of any plan or claims. Those people, those idealists DO exist among us. Its not just me out here advocating for such things.

There are plenty of incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and talented "independents" that live here, and are attempting to create work and "jobs" that don't exist, despite that they should.

Not that I expect anyone will be open to following my Utopian suggestions, but just in case, perhaps our local government(s) could create a listing of different individuals, by background, and tap that experience before using outside companies to resolve "internal" issues. Maybe even call a meeting (according to all requirements of course) where those with applicable experience are appraised of whatever issue exists, and provide our governance with their range of thoughts. This would increase the wisdom in decision making, Expense to taxpayers would be lowered, living standards and stability for individuals would be improved, AND utilized tax dollars would be spent back in the community. I'll expand this one idea further. When "work" on a site is to be performed, why not offer locals an opportunity to do the work. Possibly include a training element where applicable. This wouldn't be possible on all things, but it would be on many. Keep the money in the community. It spells Win Win Win.

The downside; wealth would be spread around with greater benefits to all vs just a few. (I'm being cynical...)

There I go with my Wishful thinking again....

Tammie j Heazlit
April 30, 2014

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