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Dear Editor: Since 1999, the Clarkston ...

Dear Editor:

Since 1999, the Clarkston Heritage Museum, operated by the Clarkston Community Historical Society, has been connecting residents and school children to local history because we believe the more people understand the past, the more invested they are in the future.

Our location within the Clarkston Independence District Library makes the museum a cost-effective, convenient and valuable community resource, drawing thousands of visitors each year to our free, continuous exhibits that change twice yearly; as well as lectures and programs that complement the library’s education and enrichment activities.

Now, the future of our museum – your museum – hinges on the Aug. 5 library ballot initiative.

The proposed 1.25 mills replace all current millage and contract funding for the library in the township and in the city. The millage constitutes 95 percent of the library’s budget so without it, there is likely no library and certainly no museum. The costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a separate museum facility are prohibitive.

We’re taxpayers, too, and we understand many families are just beginning to recover from the recession and housing crisis. A homeowner whose residence has a market value of $200,000 will pay about $125 per year. In many households, that’s less than a single monthly bill for “bundled” cable services.

While the library and museum are community assets everyone can enjoy, it’s our most economically vulnerable citizens – including seniors – who most need the many services our library provides. It’s truly a community hub that provides the cultural and professional enrichment and quality of life that make Clarkston such a desirable place to live.

If you value our local history and the joy of learning, please vote “yes” for the library millage on Aug. 5. Future generations will thank you for your investment.

Respectfully submitted:

Clarkston Community Historical Society Board of Directors

Jennifer Arkwright, president

Debbie DeVault, vice president

Jonathan Smith, treasurer

Kim Huttenlocher, secretary

Ann Degen

James Schultz

Kelly Kolhagen Crawford

Hope Mason

Melissa Luginski

Toni Smith, museum director

Jennifer Arkwright
May 27, 2014

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