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Sagano opens in Clarkston

Sagano Japanese Bistro and Steakhouse officially opened at its newest location in Clarkston on June 26 at 6545 Sashabaw. The restaurant also has locations in Flint and Brighton. Sagano specials include a wide variety of cuisine including chicken, shrimp, lobster, snow tuna, steak, swordfish, scallops, salmon, filet mignon and more....more >>

Family business lights up town

Joe Freed has brought his passion for lights to the Clarkston area with Midwest Lightscapes. Freed used to work in sales in lights and learned a log about electrical lighting and how to install them....more >>

Halo Burger now open

Halo Burger kickstarted the summer on May 8 when they opened their first location in Oakland County at 6325 Sashabaw Road in Clarkston. The Clarkston location is one of six new Halo Burger's to open in Oakland County in 2013....more >>
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Born September 17th
1883: William Carlos Williams, poet, playwright, essayist and writer who won a Pulitzer prize for Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems.
1907: Warren E. Burger, chief justice of the Supreme Court.
1923: Hank Williams, Sr., singer, songwriter and guitarist known for Lonesome Blues and Your Cheatin' Heart.
1935: Ken Kesey, author (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Sometimes a Great Notion).
1947: Jeff MacNelly, political cartoonist, creator of the comic strip Shoe.
September 17th
in history
1903: Turks destroy the town of Kastoria in Bulgaria, killing 10,000 civilians.
1917: The German Army recaptures the Russian Port of Riga from Russian forces.
1939: With the German army already attacking western Poland, the Soviet Union launches an invasion of eastern Poland.The Polish submarine Orzel escaped from internment and went on to fight the Germans against long odds.
1942: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill meets with Soviet Premier Josef Stalin in Moscow as the German Army rams into Stalingrad.The Krummer Lauf allowed German infantry and motorized artillery units to actually fire around corners.
1944: British airborne troops parachute into Holland to capture the Arnhem bridge as part of Operation Market-Garden. The plan called for the airborne troops to be relieved by British troops, but they were left stranded and eventually surrendered to the Germans.