Palace Chrysler-Jeep


Four Orion girls part of national champion volleyball team

By Dan Shriner Review Editor Four Lake Orion teens have learned the value of teamwork and are national champions as a result. The four girls, Katherine Carlson, Rachel Giwa, Bella Bucchi and Hannah Murdock, are part of the national championship team that won the Amateur Athletic Union's (AAU) volleyball title for girls 16 and under in the top Open Class on a team called Legacy....more >>

Declaration of Independence

. . . when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America when in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation....more >>


Grow your own delicious mushrooms

By Meg Peters Review Staff Writer Summer fun was never made easier using a mallet, log and dowel infused with mushroom spawn. Throw in a few other tools, like a drill, and voila, a homegrown mushroom log....more >>
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Hi-Yo, Hollywood!

Lone Ranger rides again at Oxford movie event

Never before have so many smiling masked-faces gathered in one spot without a robbery occurring. That's because these weren't the masks of outlaws and bandits. They were masks that stood for truth, justice and goodness....more >>

Vacation Bible School starts July 8 at First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, located at 150 Pontiac Street is presenting Kingdom Chronicles, a unique and dynamic five-day program for all youth in the greater Oxford area. The program begins July 8 and will continue through Friday, concluding the Friday Night Awards Program....more >>

Going up?

Committee recommends doubling twp. sewer rates to pay county, stop $900K annual loss

Oxford Township's 3,484 sewer customers could see their bills double in order to stop their system from operating at an annual loss of about $900,000. "People aren't going to like this one bit, but we're not going to like it if we keep depleting our (sewer) funds," said township Trustee Jack Curtis, who chairs the Water and Sewer Committee....more >>
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Liford, Vitucci to reign as queens at 4-H fair

Oxford and Addison townships now have royalty residing within their borders. Sarah Liford, 13, was crowned the Jr. Horse Court Queen by Oakland County 4-H on June 25. That same day Addison resident Maria Vitucci, 19, was crowned Sr....more >>

Forensic audit could yield criminal charges

Oxford Village attorney Robert Davis confirmed the municipality is considering seeking criminal charges in connection with approximately $21,000 in missing property tax payments. "I'm not going to say (against) who yet," he said....more >>
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New owners, new name for 33-year-old brake shop

If you ask Pete Franks what led to his retirement from fixing brakes and working on the front-ends of cars? The 72 year-old will smile and say "old age and white hair." After 33 years of owning and operating Oxford Brake & Front-End, Pete and his wife JoAnn have decided to hand over the keys to new owners Bill and Lynn Steffey....more >>

Council denies $3K severance for Van Fossen

Village covers DDA's $15K deficit, expects repayment

Madonna Van Fossen won't receive any severance pay, but the Oxford Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will get a temporary cash infusion to cover its deficit. Last week, the village council voted 4-1 to deny the DDA board's request that Van Fossen, who's last day on the job was June 26, be given a $3,015 severance package and be allowed to keep her municipal-owned laptop computer....more >>

Police: Drunken teen tasered at Addison Oaks

ADDISON TWP. A 17-year-old Shelby Township girl got the shock of her life literally when she was tasered following an alleged altercation between her and an Oakland County Sheriff's deputy June 30....more >>
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OCTV, Leader editor receive state media awards from American Legion

When it comes to covering events involving local veterans, celebrating patriotism and remembering America's history on the battlefield, Oxford's television and print media are always there, day and night....more >>

No need to raise twp. water rates, study says

Good news for Oxford Township's 2,490 water customers there's no need for any rate increases at this point. Last week, the Water and Sewer Committee voted 3-0 to recommend to the township board that it leave water-related charges which includes usage rates, new connection fees and debt reduction charges "as is for the near future....more >>

Silver bullet good deeds contest has begun!

To coincide with the town's Lone Ranger celebration, Oxford residents will be given an opportunity to win a genuine silver bullet just for doing good deeds and helping make their community a better place....more >>

Museum announces summer hours

The Northeast Oakland Historical Museum in downtown Oxford has new hours for the summer months. Now through August, the 1 N. Washington St. museum will be open on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 p....more >>
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Church honors public servants

House of His Presence-North honored government leaders and public safety personnel with a special "God and Country" service held Sunday morning at Oxford Middle School....more >>
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Rides, rides everywhere!

Skerbeck Carnival returned to Oxford last week as the centerpiece of the Seymour Celebration held at Seymour Lake Township Park. Kids of all ages had a blast playing all the games and riding all the rides....more >>

Senior sounds alarm about potential phone scam

Nancy Gleisner did not order any medical equipment, but someone tried their best to convince her that she had. She didn't fall for it and now the 76-year-old Oxford Township resident is sounding the alarm about a potential fraudulent scheme....more >>
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Hi-Yo, good times!

More than 250 folks turned out Tuesday evening to watch a sneak preview of Disney's new Lone Ranger movie at the Oxford 7 Theater and celebrate this town's connection to Brace Beemer, the man who brought the legendary character to life on WXYZ radio from 1941-54....more >>


Brandon Board approves budget; building repairs loom

Brandon Twp.- The school board unanimously approved the 2013-2014 budget during a special meeting June 26 with little comment. Trustee LeAnne Schmidt asked only if the budget was the same one presented during the June 10 public budget hearing which carried the burden of a $621,790 operating deficit....more >>


Recreation director job challenged

Brandon Twp.- Parks and Recreation Director Fred Waybrant is under fire and facing the threat of being fired. "For years, people have been after me for no reason," said Waybrant during the July 1 township board meeting....more >>


Enbridge pipeline phase II

Board OKs consent agreement, new line to be purged

Brandon Twp.- The replacement of Enbridge's Line 6B oil pipeline that runs through this township drew a lot of questions, complaints and controversy last year, but ultimately ended in the company gaining consent to finish phase 1....more >>


Oakland County Fair opens

Alex Fuller has been participating in 4-H and the Oakland County Fair for a decade now and every year, she tries to do new things. Even after 10 years, it isn't hard to find new events to compete in, or new attractions to enjoy at the fair, and this year will be no exception— with more time to have fun....more >>


Goodrich Hospice facility moving

Genesys Health Systems announced in June that it will relocate its residential hospice services in Goodrich to a separate, dedicated wing of Genesys Convalescent Center (a skilled nursing facility) in Grand Blanc in August....more >>


MME, ACT scores improve for Goodrich students

The Michigan Department of Education released Michigan Merit Exam and American College Testing scores for the graduating class of 2014 on Monday. According to the MDE statewide results, the average composite ACT score increased slightly to 19....more >>


'Flint is always a concern for our bedroom communities'

Sheriff responds to Flint's top crime rate report from FBI

According to data published by the FBI, the number of violent crimes across the United States rose by 1.2 percent in 2012, after falling for five consecutive years. The increase was even greater in some of America's largest cities....more >>


Deputies apprehend intoxicated driver after near miss

On June 19, at 7:35 p.m., a Brandon deputy responded to Perry Lake Road at Granger Road after a vehicle drove through the stop sign and crashed into the ditch. A witness at the scene had been jogging eastbound on Granger Road at Perry Lake Road and stated if she had been 20 feet further, she and her 3-year-old son in a jogging stroller would have been struck by the vehicle....more >>


Karate kids on Team USA

Ortonville- Hayme Serrato believes karate develops confidence in those who practice the sport. Now, six local students at Hayme Serrato's Martial Arts Studio, 4 N. Ortonville Road, are getting a confidence boost after qualifying to compete on the world stage....more >>


Step up to the Brandon Warrior Warm-up

Just ten obstacles, 3.1 miles, and plenty of mud. "It's unique, challenging and fun," said Fred Waybrant, Brandon Parks and Recreation director. "The Brandon Warrior Warm-up is a great way to prepare for other races this summer right here in our community....more >>


Buddhist monastery: 'The whole experience is mind-bending'

Matt Milligan hopes one day to be a professor of Asian studies at a prestigious university such as Harvard or Princeton. But his first teaching position will be far from the wealth and privilege of these schools on the East Coast of the United States....more >>


Brandon Township audit, fund balance 50 percent

Brandon Twp.- While the police and fire fund balances in the township have declined, the general fund balance is on the rebound. "The general fund balance has increased $144,000," said Ken Palka during an audit presentation to the township board during their July 1 meeting "It is apparent you take your budget seriously....more >>


Council OKs village budget, compensation

Ortonville- The village continues to be in sound financial condition, with a "healthy" fund balance. During their meeting June 24, village council members unanimously approved a municipal budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 with revenues and expenditures of $570,651....more >>


Wallenda still drawing crowds

CreekFest carnival to host famous aerial act

Carla Wallenda is a daredevil—a title at 77-years-old she's proud to have. This weekend, Carla will showcase her now famous acrobatic tricks from the top of a 110-foot sway pole during the CreekFest Carnival at Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School....more >>
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Front page

Eye on the ball

Ella Cady gets ready for a powerful swing at the Adventures in Softball camp at Clarkston High....more >>

Big raises for city workers

Several city employees will receive raises this year including clerk, treasurer, and grounds and clerical staff. Meanwhile, Clarkston faces a $38,500 budget deficit. (See "Budget," page 4)....more >>

City approves 2013 budget

City Council approved the final 2012-13 fiscal year budget during the June 24 meeting. Total revenues for the city are projected to be $663,902 while expenditures are $688,404, leaving the city short $38,552....more >>

Weekend of fun at Fourth of July festival

A full weekend of Independence Day fun is planned for the Fourth of July in Clarkston. The Independence parade begins at 10 a.m., Thursday, at St. Daniel's Church, east down Miller Road, south on Ortonville Road, then onto Waldon Road to Clarkston United Methodist Church....more >>
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Family friendly competition at county fair

When crowds fill Springfield Oaks for the Oakland County Fair later this week, the Ervin family of Brandon Township will be there with something new. "Red Rangers a new kind of meat chicken for us," said 4-H'er Shannon Ervin, 16, who will compete in several categories at the fair along with her brothers Nathan, 14, and Ryan, 9....more >>

Dealing with coping skills gone wrong

Second in a series on coping skills. BY ANDREA M. BEAUDOIN Clarkston News Staff Writer Coping is defined as a personal response to stress used to solve problems. Last week in the first part of this three-part series, the Clarkston News talked to Abigail, a 37-year-old Clarkston resident who injures herself through cutting....more >>

Special fund for capital improvements

A savings account "that can't be touched." As of Jan. 24, that's what the City of the Village of Clarkston has. At their meeting, council put $9,000 into the Capital Improvement Fund for special projects....more >>

$75.65M school budget approved

Clarkston Board of Education voted unanimously, June 24, to approve the district's $75.65 million budget for 2013-2014. Revenues are budgeted at $75.27 million, a 2.51 percent increase over last year's $73....more >>
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Colors of home in Garden Walk

BY JOETTE KUNSE Special to the Clarkston News Kathy Haefner wanted to bring the pastel colors from inside her home to her garden plantings. And she has been successful with her choices in creating a peaceful setting for her family and the wildlife that abound her property....more >>
Clarkston Masons gather June 20 to honor fallen brothers during their first Honor Walk. Photo by Andrea Beaudoin (click for larger version)


Masons walk to honor fallen brothers

Clarkston's Mason Cedar Lodge 60 donned ceremonial dress and honored fallen brothers during a first-of-its-kind Honor Walk ceremony on June 20. The walk through town into Lakeview Cemetery was in honor of six original departed Mason members....more >>
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Shooting Stars

RUSH set to sink or swim

Students from Team RUSH have a lot to do in less than a month as they prepare for the sixth annual Rush Regatta set for July 27. The annual regatta breaks the students into eight teams of 3-4 people as they design, build and race a boat made out of cardboard and duct tape on Deer Lake....more >>
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Clarkston grad Kickstarts entertainment career

As the deadline on Friday inched closer, Justin Lamb was getting more excited. Since May 16, the 2001 Clarkston High School graduate, has looked for supporters to help him fund his upcoming album for $5,000....more >>
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Rockin' the crowd

Blake Lieder, a senior at Interlochen Arts Academy High School, has returned to his hometown of Clarkston for the summer. The singer and songwriter performed original and cover tunes during Concerts in the Park, June 28 in Depot Park....more >>
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Independence clerk voted best of the best

"Amazing" is the word used by many to describe Independence Township Clerk Barbara Pallotta. According to her peers, Pallotta is the best of the best in her field. Out of 127 Townships in the state of Michigan, Pallotta was selected to win the 2013 Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC) Clerk of the Year Award....more >>
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Hit, swing into summer

Girls ages 7-12 started the summer hitting, swinging and throwing at Adventures in Softball last week. The campers learned techniques and the game of softball from Clarkston Varsity Softball Head Coach Don Peters, coaching staff and varsity players....more >>
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Cradle and shoot

Players at Girls Lacrosse Camp learned the fundamentals and built onto the skills during camp last week. "They are having fun out here," said Daneen Kincaid, head coach for the Clarkston Girls Varsity Lacrosse team....more >>

News in Brief

FOIA fees postponed Clarkston City Council postponed adopting new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) fees which would have included amending the FOIA form to include a 50 percent deposit to be paid in advance for all FOIA requests....more >>
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